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What Is SuperDB, and How Can I Use It?

The Super Data Base module (SuperDB) extends the functionality of your AdminPlus Data Base module. SuperDB stores multiple sets of student and staff data that would otherwise occupy several fields on the Demographics screen of the Data Base module. This tool is great for storing information such as SAT scores. For example, a student may take the test multiple times, and you can record each set of data within the SuperDB table.

With SuperDB, you can also do much more than store data in fields. You can create data tables that act as spreadsheets within the software. You can then filter and sort the columns in these tables, and save your filtered results as Views to access at a later time. For example, if you create a table to store students’ college application data, and you sort the table to show only the students who have not completed their FAFSA, you could save this as a View called “FAFSA No.” The next time you need to access this information, you can simply display the “FAFSA No” View rather than applying the filters to the table again.

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You can also use Views in different ways. They can be printed from inside SuperDB, exported to Microsoft Excel®, added to a Report Writer report, or saved as a Group. Groups allow you to generate Report Writer reports for the students in a SuperDB table without having to select the students individually from a lookup.

What Will I Get Out of This Guide?

This user guide will get you started with managing and customizing your data with Super Data Base. Through a series of step-by-step, standalone topics, you'll learn how to create SuperDB tables and filter their content, edit access rights to the tables, import and export data, and leverage SuperDB when using Report Writer. At the end of each topic, you may sometimes find topic links, which are meant to refer you to other topics that are closely related.

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