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Use a View in Report Writer

When creating a report in Data Base Report Writer, you can include a SuperDB table with a View in the report. The View displays the table in your report using your filter and sort preferences. If you're printing a report and want to display a table with hidden columns, you can include a specified View that hides any columns that you don't want to include in the report. For example, you can use this process to create a report card by entering grades into a SuperDB table, saving your filtered and sorted data as a View, and inputting that View in the Report Writer.

  1. In Data Base, click DB RW.
  2. In the Specifications: Data Base Report Writer dialog box, configure the following settings:
    • Active Letter/Report: Click Three Dots next to the text box, click your desired report, and click Select.

      Report Specifications

      You can click any report that you want to generate.

    • Include Active/Inactive Status: Click Active Students Only, Active and Inactive Students, or Inactive Students Only, depending on which type of students you want to include.
    • Include Blank Search/Sort Categories: Click Include to include blank entries, or click Do NOT Include to only show entries with data.
    • Start Grade For All Grades: Click the beginning grade where you want to start your report in the drop-down list.
    • End Grade For All Grades: Click the last grade where you want to end your report in the drop-down list.
    • Print Preview: Choose whether or not you want to view a print preview of your report.
    • Date for Age Calculation: Click Three Dots to set the date as of which you want to calculate ages.

      Set Age Calculation

      Set today's date if you want to know the ages of students today.

    • Print Field Name or Description: Click Name to include the field name, or click Description to include the field description.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Click View/edit letters/reports, and click Next.

    View Edit Reports

  5. In the Viewing and Editing Data Base Reports/Letters dialog box, click Select.

    Family Letter Selection

  6. In the Data Base code writer, scroll down to the bottom of the code, place your cursor at the end of the last row, and press Enter on your keyboard.

    Blank Space For Enter

  7. Click the Report Key Words [ALT + X to select] drop-down list, and click ENDPAGE | Start a new page (BY ITSELF).

    Endpage Code

  8. Place your cursor after ~ENDPAGE~, and press Enter on your keyboard to skip to the next line.
  9. Click the Report Key Words [ALT + X to select] drop-down list, and click SuperDB Table | SuperDB Table.

    SuperDB Code

  10. Click the SuperDB table with the View that you want to add to this report, and click Select.

    View Selection

  11. Click Accept at the lower-right corner.


  12. Click All grades combined, and click Next.

    Grades Combined

  13. Click All students alphabetically, and click Next.

    Students Alphabetically

  14. Click Print [F9].

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